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Frequently Asked Questions & Terms and Conditions

Cancellation by The Mountain Bike Station
The Mountain Bike Station reserves the right to cancel any booking at any time up to the travel departure date. You will be notified promptly of any such cancellation. ie: due to track closures.
The Mountain Bike Station shall have no liability whatsoever for any cancellation of a booking, tour or other travel arrangement except to the extent that any amounts paid by you with respect to your booking shall be refunded by The Mountain Bike Station, excluding insurance premiums, variation fees and additional fees, as applicable.

Cancellation by you
If the trip is cancelled more than 30 days prior to tour start, we will refund $200pp ($100pp for 2-day and 3-day programmes).
If the trip is cancelled 7- 30 days prior to tour start, we will be unable to refund any deposit money.
If the trip is cancelled 0-6 days prior to tour start, the full cost of the tour is payable.

Travel insurance
Travel insurance is not included in the price of your booking.
Full personal travel insurance including accident, illness and travel cancellation is strongly recommended for all our tours to guard against the unexpected.
Talk to your travel agent or insurance provider about travel insurance; this recommendation also applies to NZ domestic travellers.

Health requirements
To fully enjoy and benefit from your holiday experience, you should be in good health and physical condition. This includes any other persons covered by your booking, everyone should be sufficiently fit and healthy to undertake the relevant programme. If you have a medical or physical condition you must disclose this to us upon booking.

The Mountain Bike Station reserves the right to remove any person from any of its tours or cancel or vary any travel arrangements where The Mountain Bike Station considers, in its sole discretion, that such person is not sufficiently fit and healthy to undertake the relevant programme.

You acknowledge and agree that The Mountain Bike Station accepts no responsibility and will not be liable to you or any third party for any loss, cost or damage, including loss of enjoyment, suffered directly or indirectly in connection with:
Any risks or other aspects of any tour or other travel arrangement notified to you by or on behalf of The Mountain Bike Station, in these Terms or otherwise;
Any change to your itinerary or delays in departure or arrival times of aircraft or otherwise during the conduct of any tour or other travel arrangement, any loss or damage to your baggage;
​Any personal injury or death resulting from the acts or omissions or negligence of any third parties providing goods or services to you during your tour or other travel arrangements including, without limitation, air carriers, hotels, restaurateurs, transportation providers and/or medical personnel; or any loss of enjoyment by you due to circumstances outlined in these Terms or otherwise beyond The Mountain Bike Station’s control.
Total liability: Notwithstanding any other provision of these Terms, and to the maximum extent permitted by law, The Mountain Bike Station’s maximum liability to you or any third party, including any claims of negligence on the part of The Mountain Bike Station, is limited to the amounts actually paid by you with respect to your booking, excluding insurance premiums, variation fees and additional fees, as applicable.
Consequential loss: The Mountain Bike Station will not be liable for any loss of enjoyment, opportunity, profit, savings, revenue or interest or any other consequential or indirect, incidental, special or punitive loss, damage or expenses even if The Mountain Bike Station has been advised of their possible existence and even if such loss, damage or expense is caused by The Mountain Bike Station negligence. i. Indemnity: You agree to indemnify The Mountain Bike Station for any loss or damage suffered by The Mountain Bike Station as a result of, or in connection with, any breach of these Terms or any negligence or willful default by you or any other person covered by your booking.
Force Majeure: The Mountain Bike Station shall not be liable for any delay or for any failure to fulfill its obligations under these Terms, or any service obligations to you, if the failure or delay arises directly or indirectly from or as a consequence of any Force Majeure Event.
Accident Compensation Scheme: You acknowledge that New Zealand has a no fault law and claims are handled by the Accident Compensation Commission (“ACC”) pursuant to governing legislation, including the Accident Compensation Act 2001. Because of the wide range of help available from ACC after an injury, you can’t sue for personal injury in New Zealand, except for exemplary damages. Should you require additional cover outside that provided by ACC, then you should organise your own cover direct. The Mountain Bike Station is not obliged to take out any such additional cover on your behalf.

Late November – April
Outside of these times, the trail is very wet and muddy and the jet boat operators run a very limited shuttle service from the Mangapurua landing to Pipiriki.

Our self guided itineraries are all about freedom to explore what interests you, at your own pace. We take care of the logistics; we supply you with accommodation, we include maps and information of the sites to visit; daily briefings; your luggage is transferred daily; the itineraries are flexible to give you time to explore and comfortably savour the sights and delights of the Mountains to Sea trail.

Our self guided tours give you the freedom to explore at your own pace – but they’re not unsupported. You will receive a briefing from us on Day 1 of the programme, and we will still see you 1 -2 times a day when we are transporting your luggage from one accommodation provider to the next. Our groups are given a SPOT GPS tracker and you will be live tracked throughout your journey. All we request is that you select a programme that matches your level of fitness to ensure you have a comfortable experience.

Given the nature of the Mountains to Sea Cycle trail, it’s very difficult to ride a bike fitted with panniers on certain trails (ie: Mangapurua track due to the narrow swing bridges). It’s recommended not to carry panniers, if you must we recommend a bike rack with a very narrow profile dry bag on top.

Yes. We have our own fleet of high quality well maintained bikes. Hard tail, full suspension and E-bikes are available. See our bike hire page for more info.

Minimum group size is Two. Our maximum per group is 13 people, due to the limited accommodation available along the trail. This however may vary, depending on your group configuration (couples / singles) and would have to be less if there are only single riders in the group.

We will book it for you as part of a package. Our packages include accommodation for the night(s) in between riding days, and have options for extra accommodation before and/or after you ride.
The accommodations vary a great deal throughout the programme. The accommodation is Twin share / Double (or bunk rooms if unavailable during peak times), it is comfortable and will meet all of your basic needs. These may include Hostel Style, basic B&B’s and unique cottages. Accommodations may be rustic and a private bathroom is seldom available. Sometimes located in a remote area, these accommodations may be shared with other travelers. Single supplement may be available at an extra cost. Please specify group configuration and specific needs when booking.

The luggage is transported by van and must stand ready for pick-up by approx. 8 a.m. and will be at the next accommodation by approx. 4 p.m.
1 bag per person, no more than 15kg please.
NOTE:If staying at the Bridge to Nowhere Lodge, your luggage will be transported in the jet boat. If you’ve booked the full package with us, then we will provide 1 dry bag per person for this leg of the journey.

Yes. We are happy to provide our services for just one person, however the minimum rate of 2 seats for transport still applies.

Meals provided throughout the trail are catered for by the accommodation provider, offering you hearty, home cooked meals.
These may be presented in a semi prepared manner, as some of the accommodation is unmanned. For those with food allergies, let us know at the time of booking and we will endeavor to cater for your needs. Please note: Due to the remoteness of the providers they are limited in what they can offer. Below is a list of diets they can cater for (plus they can work around whatever allergy you may have, e.g. nut allergy):

Gluten Free (coeliac)
Dairy Free

It is our policy to deal with only one person organising a group (2+ people).
All bookings and/or amendments to itineraries are communicated through email so that records of what has been discussed can be retained. It will be the group organiser’s responsibility to ensure all members of your party are familiar with the itinerary, package price, luggage information. For those with food allergies, let us know at the time of booking and we will endeavor to cater for your needs.

Group payment:

Upon accepting an itinerary from the Mountain Bike Station (whether in writing or verbally) you acknowledge that you have read The Mountain Bike Station terms and conditions and you understand and accept them in their entirety.

A $500pp deposit is required within 7 days of confirming your booking ($300pp for 2- and 3-day programmes) with The Mountain Bike Station to secure bookings for bikes, accommodation, transport and any other services that we offer. If your deposit is not received in full by The Mountain Bike Station by the due date, reservations may be cancelled by The Mountain Bike Station without notice.

All riders can pay separately using a link we will email to the group organiser.

By paying your deposit you take responsibility for the itinerary you chose (outlined on our website or as discussed by email); Upon deposit payment we will email a pdf itinerary. It is your responsibility to read your itinerary thoroughly to make sure that it is as you requested i.e. dates, package price etc.

Balance of payment for your booking
A. Payment in full is required on your departure day. We accept Visa, MasterCard, eftpos, cash and payment by direct bank credit.
If your preferred payment method is by direct bank credit, please contact us a few days before tour start to settle the bill.
Please note when paying The Mountain Bike Station by direct credit from a foreign bank account or if The Mountain Bike Station is required to pay a refund by direct credit into a foreign bank account, bank fees are applied to The Mountain Bike Station; any such fees will be passed directly on to the relevant customer(s).